Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Ductless

  • Inverter technology uses the minimum ammount of energy necessary to heat/cool the room

  • No ductwork means fast installation without construction

  • Wireless remote control for convenience

  • Washable anti-allergen filter is resuable to save money and improve air quality

  • R 410A is an environmentally friendly refrigerant

  • Heat works in temperatures as low as minus 13 degrees Farenheit

  • Systems available with multiple indoor units connected to one outdoor unit

Inverter Technology
  • Adjusts to the speed of the compressor to save energy

  • Has multiple running speeds rather than the conventional on/off switch

  • Does not use full electrical power unless necessary

  • Mr. Slim can provide 70% capacity at temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit

Slim Duct

Without the slim duct system, wires will stretch across a large area of the wall, creating an obtrusive and messy exterior. By restricting the wires to one location under a sleek cover, this system makes an outdoor Mitsubishi unit subtle and aesthetically pleasing.

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